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Results from the Open Show 2017

These are the results from our recent Open Show at Grazeley Village Hall.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a successful event.

Albino Hobs
1st – Houdini Stevens, 2nd – No No Cheah, 3rd – Nimbus Jones

Albino Jills
1st – Mouse Stevens, 2nd – Swift Fever, 3rd – Carys Brimson

Polecat Hobs
1st – Donny Brimson, 2nd – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 3rd – Shamley Brimson

Polecat Jills
1st – Twinkle Brock, 2nd – Beth Pan/Kirby, 3rd – Bear Stevens

Sandy Hobs
1st – Oscar Daniels, 2nd – Turlow Fever, 3rd – Hugo Cheah

Sandy Jills
1st – Ginger Head, 2nd – Tallie Fever, 3rd – Honey Aldridge

Coloured Hobs
1st – Oates Jones, 2nd – Piggy Malone Jones, 3rd – Scott Jones

Coloured Jills
1st – Sprite Barlow, 2nd – Lexie Daniels, 3rd – Evee

Working Hob
1st – Monster Brock, 2nd – Twizzle Brock, 3rd – Gnash Spencer/Riley

Working Jill
1st – Honey Aldridge, 2nd – Lily Aldridge, 3rd – Tilly Brock

1st – Shamley Brimson, 2nd – Bun Brimson, 3rd – Gizmo Brock

Not Quite
1st – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 2nd – Nimbus Jones, 3rd – Drusilla Spencer/Riley

Physically Challenged
1st – Peggy Tripp, 2nd – Zebadee Weaver, 3rd – Cubby Spencer/Riley

Matched Pairs
1st – Blonde/Daz Head, 2nd – Scott/Oates Jones, 3rd – Fae/Djini Barlow

Supreme Champion – Oates Jones

Reserve Champion
Twinkle Brock

Racing (The fastest ferret on the day!)
1st Ghost, 2nd Tilly, 3rd Genghis, 4th Misty

Junior Handler
1st – Amy + Mr. Snuggles, 2nd – Finley + Gloves, 3rd – Gabrielle + Snowy, 4th Joint – Jack And Tasha

2016 Open Show Results

What a fantastic turnout for our 2016 Open Show last weekend and there were some truly stunning ferrets competing for those coveted class wins and ultimately the Supreme Champion title. As head steward I had the privilege of watching our hard working judges as they scrutinised and deliberated over every ferret. I really didn’t envy them their job I can tell you. So, given the outstanding quality of ferrets on show I think everyone who was placed or won a class can be justifiably proud.

Open Show 2016 - Rosettes & Trophies
Rosettes, trophies & prizes sponsored by Gilbertson & Page Ltd. Dr John – Merlin Ferret Food

Special congratulations are in order for Ziggy and his young owner Jack Brimson on winning the Supreme Champion title and to Basil and his owner Neil Brant who was Reserve Champion. Well done too to Theodore, the winner of the day’s racing, and his proud owners Sue Riley and Alan Spencer.

Finally a big thank you to everyone from HBFC who worked so hard to make the whole day such a great success.

Here is the full list of results …
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Open Show 2014 – The Results

I had another wonderful day at our 2014 Open Show on Sunday, 6 April at Grazeley Village Hall.  I had chance to catch up with old friends and welcome new members to our ferret family.  I hope everyone else had a good time too.

Here is a full list of the official winners from the day.

Albino Hob (Sponsored by Friday & Nimbus Jones):
1. Mr Nice (Cadden) 2.Manual (Brant) 3. Nimbus (Jones)

Albino Jill (Sponsored by Barbara Jack)
1. Genie (Pan/Kirby) 2. Lula (Kemp) 3. Heidi (Pan/Kirby)

Polecat Hob
1. Jimmy Ninja (Wood) 2. Bear (van der Merwe) 3. Zeus (Parsons)

Polecat Jill
1. Charlie (Baines) 2. Two Toes (Palmer) 3. Millie (Sebastian)

Sandy Hob
1. Star (Rowbury) 2. Graffiti (Cadden) 3. Tolly (Jones)

Sandy Jill
1. Brandy (Head) 2. Misty (Baines) 3. Ella (Wood)

Coloured Hob
1. Piggy Malone (Jones) 2. Inca Mist (Parsons) 3. Shindig (Shuttleworth)

Coloured Jill
1. Clover (Richards) 2. Gypsy (Smith) 3. Bella (Sebastian)

Not Quite / Nearly Perfect (Sponsored by Rachel Brant – In memory of Badger)
1. Graffiti (Cadden) 2. Orange (Hitchcock) 3. Cubby (Riley)

Veterans (6yrs+)
1. Custard (van der Merwe) 2. Larry (Pan/Kirby) 7. Bunny (Kemp)

1. Parsnip (Brock) 2. Ruby (Trisha) 3. Bobby Bear (Cadden)

Working Hob
1. Sweeney (Riley) 2. Falkar (Riley) 3. Manuel (Brant)

Working Jill
1. Peggy (Walklet) 2. Drusilla (Riley) 3. Honey (Aldridge)

1. Mr Nice & Chatter (Cadden) 2. Caspar & Jaspar (Sebastian) 3. Genie & Heidi (Pan/Kirby)

Racing (Sponsored by Neil Brant)
1. Azriel (Brant) 2. Lucifer (Brant) 3. Bubbles (Jack)

Best in Show winner, Clover (image: (c) 2014 Laura Richards)
Best in Show

Best in Show (Sponsored by Ferret Approved)
Winner – Clover (Richards)
Reserve – Piggy Malone (Jones)

We had a total of 277 ferrets entered in the show and 64 for racing.  Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a great day.