About the Club

OUR APOLOGIES BUT THE SITE AND E-MAILS ARE NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT (27th October 2022). PLEASE E-MAIL webmaster@hbferretclub.co.uk for contact.

Welcome to the Hants and Berks Ferret Club.  We are a group of ferret enthusiasts based in the North Hampshire/Berkshire area of the United Kingdom.  Our main aim, as a club, is to promote the welfare of working, domestic and rescued ferrets.

During the Summer months we attend public events such as fetes, fairs, country shows and displays in the the Hampshire and Berkshire area, and in doing so we hope to familiarise the general public with the care and handling of ferrets whilst dispelling commonly-held misconceptions.  Not forgetting, of course, to have some fun while we’re at it!  We’ve visited some lovely places with our ferrets over the years, including Lulworth Castle and the Royal County of Berkshire Show (formerly known as the Newbury Show).

Do feel free to browse our site to find out more about the club and about the sort of activities we participate in and promote.  You can also find out which shows we’ll be attending near you with our ferrets by looking at our events section.  Come along to one of the shows and introduce yourself!

The main incentive that drives the members of the Hants and Berks Ferret Club to devote most of our weekends during the summer months to going out to country shows and fairs is ferret welfare.

We are passionate about ferret welfare and want to dispel the common misconceptions about their nature. Every member who comes to ferret shows throughout the summer and to corporate entertainment evenings is a volunteer.

Any money given to the Club as payment for entertaining at shows and events is not payment to any individual, but goes towards keeping the Club up and running (e.g. cost of maintaining our trailers, tents, marquees, equipment etc.) and towards helping the ferrets at various rescue centres.