Open Show 2014 – The Results

I had another wonderful day at our 2014 Open Show on Sunday, 6 April at Grazeley Village Hall.  I had chance to catch up with old friends and welcome new members to our ferret family.  I hope everyone else had a good time too.

Here is a full list of the official winners from the day.

Albino Hob (Sponsored by Friday & Nimbus Jones):
1. Mr Nice (Cadden) 2.Manual (Brant) 3. Nimbus (Jones)

Albino Jill (Sponsored by Barbara Jack)
1. Genie (Pan/Kirby) 2. Lula (Kemp) 3. Heidi (Pan/Kirby)

Polecat Hob
1. Jimmy Ninja (Wood) 2. Bear (van der Merwe) 3. Zeus (Parsons)

Polecat Jill
1. Charlie (Baines) 2. Two Toes (Palmer) 3. Millie (Sebastian)

Sandy Hob
1. Star (Rowbury) 2. Graffiti (Cadden) 3. Tolly (Jones)

Sandy Jill
1. Brandy (Head) 2. Misty (Baines) 3. Ella (Wood)

Coloured Hob
1. Piggy Malone (Jones) 2. Inca Mist (Parsons) 3. Shindig (Shuttleworth)

Coloured Jill
1. Clover (Richards) 2. Gypsy (Smith) 3. Bella (Sebastian)

Not Quite / Nearly Perfect (Sponsored by Rachel Brant – In memory of Badger)
1. Graffiti (Cadden) 2. Orange (Hitchcock) 3. Cubby (Riley)

Veterans (6yrs+)
1. Custard (van der Merwe) 2. Larry (Pan/Kirby) 7. Bunny (Kemp)

1. Parsnip (Brock) 2. Ruby (Trisha) 3. Bobby Bear (Cadden)

Working Hob
1. Sweeney (Riley) 2. Falkar (Riley) 3. Manuel (Brant)

Working Jill
1. Peggy (Walklet) 2. Drusilla (Riley) 3. Honey (Aldridge)

1. Mr Nice & Chatter (Cadden) 2. Caspar & Jaspar (Sebastian) 3. Genie & Heidi (Pan/Kirby)

Racing (Sponsored by Neil Brant)
1. Azriel (Brant) 2. Lucifer (Brant) 3. Bubbles (Jack)

Best in Show winner, Clover (image: (c) 2014 Laura Richards)
Best in Show

Best in Show (Sponsored by Ferret Approved)
Winner – Clover (Richards)
Reserve – Piggy Malone (Jones)

We had a total of 277 ferrets entered in the show and 64 for racing.  Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a great day.

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  1. Thank you, Hants & Berks, for a lovely day. Special thanks to the very kind chap in charge of the racing, who waited so patiently whilst we fished Delilah out of the agility apparatus and to the lovely lady (with the beautiful polecats) who helped Jimmy Ninja to his (and my) very first win in any show ever! We are both still smiling!

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