Results from the Open Show 2017

These are the results from our recent Open Show at Grazeley Village Hall.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a successful event.

Albino Hobs
1st – Houdini Stevens, 2nd – No No Cheah, 3rd – Nimbus Jones

Albino Jills
1st – Mouse Stevens, 2nd – Swift Fever, 3rd – Carys Brimson

Polecat Hobs
1st – Donny Brimson, 2nd – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 3rd – Shamley Brimson

Polecat Jills
1st – Twinkle Brock, 2nd – Beth Pan/Kirby, 3rd – Bear Stevens

Sandy Hobs
1st – Oscar Daniels, 2nd – Turlow Fever, 3rd – Hugo Cheah

Sandy Jills
1st – Ginger Head, 2nd – Tallie Fever, 3rd – Honey Aldridge

Coloured Hobs
1st – Oates Jones, 2nd – Piggy Malone Jones, 3rd – Scott Jones

Coloured Jills
1st – Sprite Barlow, 2nd – Lexie Daniels, 3rd – Evee

Working Hob
1st – Monster Brock, 2nd – Twizzle Brock, 3rd – Gnash Spencer/Riley

Working Jill
1st – Honey Aldridge, 2nd – Lily Aldridge, 3rd – Tilly Brock

1st – Shamley Brimson, 2nd – Bun Brimson, 3rd – Gizmo Brock

Not Quite
1st – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 2nd – Nimbus Jones, 3rd – Drusilla Spencer/Riley

Physically Challenged
1st – Peggy Tripp, 2nd – Zebadee Weaver, 3rd – Cubby Spencer/Riley

Matched Pairs
1st – Blonde/Daz Head, 2nd – Scott/Oates Jones, 3rd – Fae/Djini Barlow

Supreme Champion – Oates Jones

Reserve Champion
Twinkle Brock

Racing (The fastest ferret on the day!)
1st Ghost, 2nd Tilly, 3rd Genghis, 4th Misty

Junior Handler
1st – Amy + Mr. Snuggles, 2nd – Finley + Gloves, 3rd – Gabrielle + Snowy, 4th Joint – Jack And Tasha