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Results from the Open Show 2017

These are the results from our recent Open Show at Grazeley Village Hall.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a successful event.

Albino Hobs
1st – Houdini Stevens, 2nd – No No Cheah, 3rd – Nimbus Jones

Albino Jills
1st – Mouse Stevens, 2nd – Swift Fever, 3rd – Carys Brimson

Polecat Hobs
1st – Donny Brimson, 2nd – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 3rd – Shamley Brimson

Polecat Jills
1st – Twinkle Brock, 2nd – Beth Pan/Kirby, 3rd – Bear Stevens

Sandy Hobs
1st – Oscar Daniels, 2nd – Turlow Fever, 3rd – Hugo Cheah

Sandy Jills
1st – Ginger Head, 2nd – Tallie Fever, 3rd – Honey Aldridge

Coloured Hobs
1st – Oates Jones, 2nd – Piggy Malone Jones, 3rd – Scott Jones

Coloured Jills
1st – Sprite Barlow, 2nd – Lexie Daniels, 3rd – Evee

Working Hob
1st – Monster Brock, 2nd – Twizzle Brock, 3rd – Gnash Spencer/Riley

Working Jill
1st – Honey Aldridge, 2nd – Lily Aldridge, 3rd – Tilly Brock

1st – Shamley Brimson, 2nd – Bun Brimson, 3rd – Gizmo Brock

Not Quite
1st – Limp Biscuit Cheah, 2nd – Nimbus Jones, 3rd – Drusilla Spencer/Riley

Physically Challenged
1st – Peggy Tripp, 2nd – Zebadee Weaver, 3rd – Cubby Spencer/Riley

Matched Pairs
1st – Blonde/Daz Head, 2nd – Scott/Oates Jones, 3rd – Fae/Djini Barlow

Supreme Champion – Oates Jones

Reserve Champion
Twinkle Brock

Racing (The fastest ferret on the day!)
1st Ghost, 2nd Tilly, 3rd Genghis, 4th Misty

Junior Handler
1st – Amy + Mr. Snuggles, 2nd – Finley + Gloves, 3rd – Gabrielle + Snowy, 4th Joint – Jack And Tasha

Committee Job Descriptions

With the Annual General Meeting of 2015 just around the corner (24 March 2015), it might be useful for members wishing to apply for committee positions to have some information about what each position involves.


The chairpersons role is to be a figure head of the club. They will be responsible for leading committee meetings, leading the Annual General Meeting (AGM), informing members of committee decisions. The role carries no vote at most meetings unless there is an even split where they will cast the deciding vote.

Show co-ordinator (previously Show Organiser)

This will be the person who is the first point of contact for show enquiries. They will pass the enquiry to committee and show managers (asking if anyone would like to manage the show). They will be responsible for taking bookings, sending out invoices and copies of our insurance and informing the event organiser who will be the point of contact on the day.


Responsible for providing an agenda and taking the minutes at committee meetings and at the AGM.
Sending out any relevant notifications to members (for example the notification of the AGM).
Sending any club correspondence to relevant parties.

Assistant Secretary

Assists the committee by filling in for the secretary if the secretary is unavailable.

Membership Secretary

Maintain accurate records of all club members (records currently kept on Microsoft Excel **).
Deal with all membership applications promptly.
Ensure all committee members have up to date membership lists.
Attend all monthly committee meetings and keep the committee up to date with membership news.
Prepare a short report for the AGM in March
Organise the annual membership renewals due each April.
Pay all monies received into the bank promptly and keep clear records of amounts received and pass to the treasurer.
Try and think of new ways to increase our membership.
Ensure trailer(s) are kept supplied with membership application packs.
The job involves about an hour each month, plus attending a monthly committee meeting, but obviously more time in March/April when memberships are due.

** Access to a computer with Microsoft Excel and also a printer would be an advantage.

Welfare Officer

The Welfare position is our members point of contact if they have any queries about ferret welfare.
They can also be a point of contact to ferret rescues.

Public Relations Officer

Although this position has the title of public relations officer it is actually just a member position steered towards the public relations area of business.
Examples of tasks to be carried out with this role are:

  • Organising club get togethers such as skittles evening.
  • Speaking to local press.
  • Creating flyers to advertise the club.
  • Creating advertisements for corporate events.
  • Writing pieces to go on the website, e.g. to advertise events.
  • Helping to organise corporate events.
  • Getting permission to use photographs taken of the public at events.
  • Responding to questions/queries left on our Facebook page.
  • Attend regular committee meetings.

If you require further information about any of these positions, please use our contact form or speak with an existing committee member.