Ferret Racing

So, what is ferret racing?

A crowd of people watch ferret racingIt is common knowledge to all who are familiar with these little animals that ferrets and tunnels go together like fish and water.

With this in mind, the exciting (and increasingly popular) sport of ferret racing was born!

The rules are simple: Insert the ferrets into race pipes and the first one to emerge at the end of the course with four feet out is the winner.  After negotiating the weave, see-saw, water jump and turning circle, all while being encouraged by spectators and owner.

A ferret exiting the tubeAll our ferrets are well handled and friendly and in between races, we are happy for spectators to come and meet them and ask any questions that may arise.

We have all the equipment to put on a dashing show, obstacles, pipes, PA system and a willing team of volunteers with the ferrets to make your fair/show go with a swing.  We can also put on the race show indoors, it does lend itself to halls where the audience can get a bit closer and more personal.

A ferret trying to go through a wooden see-saw, incorrectlyThe Hants & Berks Ferret Club have a seasoned team of expert handlers and racing ferrets on hand for country shows and corporate events.

If you would be interested in booking us, please call or email.