Corporate & Private Events

Ideal for fundraisers, open days and staff parties.

The Hants & Berks Ferret Club have been entertaining the public with their famous racing ferrets since the club was established in 1998. Ferret racing is fun, interactive and totally unique. It is one of those attractions that can be seen as a bit strange but has great potential and is very enjoyable for people of all ages.

2011-04-16_015All you need for us to attend your event is enough indoor or outdoor space for the racecourse to be set up and a group of spectators to support the ferrets and place bets on which will be the winner. The absolute minimum space required for the racecourse is 7m x 5m but we are able to adjust the course to fit the space provided.

What you need to do before the event:

  1. Book us for your event
  2. Get sponsorship or provide prizes for 5 races. Races can then be named after the sponsor, the prize or whatever you choose.
  3. You choose 16 names for the ferrets. They can either be names relevant to your event or names of famous people etc

On the day/night of the event:

  • We bring along the team, the course and 16 of our best racing ferrets.
  • We run 4 races and a Grand Final
  • We sell tickets on the night so that you and your guests can bet on the ferrets you think will win
  • Each winning ferret goes through to the final
  • Each ferret in the final is “auctioned off” prior to the race and the winning owner gets a prize.

2011-04-16_010We are open to suggestions and are happy to include raffles, auctions etc. If you are running a fundraiser then this is a great way to raise money for your cause. It is your event so you choose how the day/evening goes – just talk to us!

How to book us for your event

If you would like to book us for one of your events or find out more then please complete our booking enquiry form or e-mail